Moab The Home to Miracles of Nature

Moab is an amazing and marvelous town situated right in the middle of the most exotic red rock canyon country. This is one of the most exciting places to visit during the tour to southeastern Utah.


Moab is like a playground for thousands of travelers, offering excellent atmosphere throughout the year. One can visit the city at the point of time without bothering about the weather as it offers comparatively short winters and it remains spring and fall climate for rest of the months of the year. If you have not experienced a visit to any dessert, this would probably be the best place for you. Moab offers very different and varied attractions than other big tourist destinations do. This is one of the few places that are blessed with a couple of National Parks and several recreational areas situated in close proximity to each other. Few of the most popular and must visit attractions of the city include Arches National Park, Slick rock Bike Trail, Colorado River and many other attractions to add to the list.

Arches National Park is one of marvelous places in the state that one would never even think to miss. This park is home to some two thousand natural sandstone arches. It is also home to world-famous Delicate Arch along with several other unique and unusual natural formations. The park covers around 76, 518 acres of land. One can also find some outstanding and amazing geological formations along with soaring pinnacles, colossal sandstone and spires dwarf. The park is ideally situated in close proximity to several national parks such as Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion National Park, Capitol Reef National Park, etc.


Slickrock Bike Trail is another place that makes it a most prominent center of biking. Slickrock Bike Trail has become a great mountain bike trail in the world attracting about 100, 000 visitors every year. The trail is quite difficult and dangerous too hence it is advisable not to allow the kids or member of your family who is not an advanced rider to go for the thrill. The trail is marked with several white lines with yellow caution markers and black diamonds to beware you of any probable danger.

If you are looking for exciting and fun accommodation during your tour to Moab, you will find it in the form of some hotels that offer club membership. This is the best way of cutting your expenses as these hotels offer adventure and thrilling trails also.

It is not necessary to stay in costly hotels to enjoy the area. The cheap hotels such as Rustic Inn, Silver Sage Inn, Big Horne Lodge, Riverside Inn and much more offer a great and comfortable stay. The rooms of these hotels are equipped with all the modern amenities and facilities and are very well complimented with great hospitality of the hotel staff.


Moab is gaining popularity due to its excellent and rejuvenating climate with long springtime. This is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations as it exhibits great all the year-round fun and excitement, it is a place to visit.

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